Built on years (and years) of experience.

Who is Milco?

• Worldwide Supplier of Resistance Welding Equipment
• Locations in North America, Europe and Asia
• Founded in 1950
• Full Service Supplier - Engineering, manufacturing and service
• True Manufacturer- All products made in-house to ensure quality and delivery
• Customers- Domestic and International Automotive Manufacturers and suppliers

What Industries Does Milco Serve?

• Automotive
• Defense
• Aerospace
• Alternative Energy
• Medical

What Does Milco Offer?

• Leading Edge Design- Modular and Servo Technology
• All types of weld guns including Modular Servo and Pneumatic units
• Cylinders and Replacement Parts
• Specialty Machines
• Robot Dress Services
• Engineering Services
• Service Support

Why Milco?

• Proven Technology
• Worldwide Reach
• Innovative Design
• Productive capacity
• Commitment to Service
• We maximize reliability and minimize expenses

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